Whatever you believe it is important to understand what are your rights, but also what legal obligations the Local Authority has in providing services for disabled individuals.  It is also important to understand what services are delivered as discretionary or are not part of their statutory requirements.  We are not saying that this is easy but it is worth doing and the issue will always be if a Council can save money by not providing a service to an individual who is entitled to the service they will.  So they will not tell you everything it is up to you to ask!

So what are the areas you should look into?

Council Tax if the disabled person is in receipt of DWP benefits, an adult living at home the other members of the household may be entitled to a discount.

Transport if the disabled individual stays a distance from activities and there is no provision in the local area then the local authority could provide transport if it is Council services.  It is obviously under discrimination legislation that where you live if services are provided in a different area then your access to them should not be restricted compared to others.


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